Take 7: Anaheim Convention Center North (ACC North)

The seventh expansion to the Anaheim Convention Center is making its way above ground. To date, work has been primarily below-grade as crews have installed underground utilities and poured concrete foundations for the first phase of a new parking tower, scheduled to open late this summer with 622 parking spaces. Structural steel is set for the pedestrian bridge concourse, also opening in late summer, which will connect the parking structure to existing Convention Center facilities. The Anaheim Convention Center has continued to host the conventions and events that have become annual traditions for attendees. The new, flexible space will enable the Convention Center to continue to host growing conventions and will present opportunities to host new events and visitors. The expansion with 200,000 square foot of leasable space ACC North is scheduled to be unveiled in late summer 2017.

Project Overview

The Anaheim Convention Center is the largest convention center on the west coast and one of the most popular facilities in the country. The expansion will allow the City to retain conventions that have grown in popularity each year as well as provide space to attract new conventions and events.

Located in the heart of the Anaheim Resort District, the Anaheim Convention Center is an important enterprise operation the City relies upon to support the General Fund. The Anaheim Resort District provides approximately 50% of General Fund tax revenues, which in turn provides for vital City services such as fire, police, parks and libraries. Additional tax revenue from the expansion is projected to exceed $9 million annually. An estimated 1,860 jobs will be created during construction, and the expansion will support more than 2,000 new jobs annually. The next local hire event will be held in May 2016 to fill available positions with project contractors.

Businesses and residents are encouraged to visit www.accexpansion.com for more information about the Convention Center expansion and to register for email alerts regarding potential traffic advisories. The website also features a webcam link to follow the expansion progress throughout construction.

The City appreciates your partnership and patience during this exciting construction project. Please do not hesitate to contact the Expansion Information Line at (714) 765-8914 with any questions.