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Joe Lamond

Joe Lamond, President and CEO of NAMM

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John Graham, ASAE President and CEO

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Fall 2017

Other facts:

  • Completion Date: Fall 2017
  • Additional Tax Revenue: $9M Annually
  • 1860 Construction Jobs



What is the expansion plan for the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC)?

The expansion of the ACC will include the addition of 200,000 square feet of flexible space that can be used for exhibits, meetings and banquets. The expansion will also replace Car Park 1, as well as provide new loading docks and an improved vehicular entrance. The expanded space will also provide a climate-controlled connection to the second level of the existing convention center.

How will Anaheim pay for the ACC expansion?

The ability to expand the ACC was made possible by the creation of the Anaheim Tourism Improvement District (ATID). In 2010 hoteliers within the Resort and Platinum Triangle agreed to self-assess 2% of hotel room rent to pay for the Visitor and Convention Bureau’s (VCB) marketing and promotion of the Anaheim destination. Since the city is no longer responsible for paying this cost (approximately $6 million in 2010), the city committed to re-dedicating those funds to the expansion of the ACC. Ultimately, the amount of city funds formerly committed to marketing and promotions will, over time, cover the entire cost of the new expansion.

Additionally, the city will be able to take advantage of historically low interest rates – which are lower today than they are 90% of the time.

Taxpayers will not have to pay any additional funds for the expansion of the ACC and the General Fund will not incur any added annual debt service.

Why is increasing the flexible space the best way to grow the convention center?

Today, many groups not only require two or three of the center’s five exhibit halls, but all of the meeting space. With the use of all the meeting space, this leaves two or three exhibit halls unsellable to convention groups due to the lack of meeting space.

The ACC’s marketing reach will increase to include large corporate, technology and medical meetings. Adding 200,000 square feet of flexible space will allow the ACC to compete in these growing markets.
78% of groups will utilize the flexible space as exhibit space, and 
90% of respondents will utilize the proposed flexible space as meeting/ballroom space.

What are the benefits of the expansion?

With this expansion, the ACC will be able to:
Retain existing business and capture larger meetings and conventions that the ACC currently cannot accommodate due to a lack of meeting space.

Maximize occupancy by holding concurrent conventions. With an expanded convention center, the ACC will have room to hold multiple large events simultaneously, or have one event being set up while another event is breaking down.

Replace Car Park 1 - a parking structure in need of significant repair. The ongoing maintenance effort to keep Car Park 1 operational has been increasing for several years. Surveys conducted by structural engineers on a semi-annual basis show a steady increase in number of slab crack repairs, as well as column support, spall repairs, and lack of ceiling height to allow for seismic retrofitting.

Capitalize on economic and fiscal benefits. The total measurable tax revenue to the city is estimated to be $9.5 million annually or $112 million over a 10-year operating period.

Create jobs - An estimated 1,860 jobs during construction will be created and 2,043 new jobs will be supported annually.

Why is Anaheim expanding the convention center?

Since the ACC opened its doors in 1967, it has undergone six expansions that have allowed the center to stay competitive with market demands – with each expansion resulting in significant economic benefit to the city.
Currently, the ACC has only 160,000 square feet of meeting and ballroom space to compliment its 813,000 square feet of exhibit space. Unfortunately, more and more conventions and trade shows require at least 200,000 square feet of meeting space. According to market research reports, date unavailability and inadequate space at the ACC accounted for a significant amount of lost events and potential revenue. As a result, Anaheim is losing convention/tradeshow business to its competitors, indicating there is a strong market demand for ACC to expand.

Who will build the expansion?

Turner Construction Company and architecture firm Populous were selected to provide the design-build services for this project. Both Turner and Populous have enjoyed tremendous success and longevity in their respective fields and are known as leaders in the convention center design and construction industry, as well as design-build contracting.

“This expansion will elevate the status of
the Anaheim Convention Center
as an all-encompassing meeting,
convention and trade show venue.”
~ Jay Burress President & CEO



200K sq.ft. Flex Space
100K sq.ft. Column Free
25 ft. ceilings


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